High Purity Stainless Steel
For over 30 years, HPT has been supplying electropolished tubing and fittings for all types of industries. Customers in the fields of semiconductor, photovoltaic and air and space to biopharmaceutical, instrumentation and laboratories have continuously experienced the quality of our products and services. We have the capability of electropolishing tubing from 1/4" to 1" with a surface finish average of 5 Ra, and fittings and components up to any size called out in your specification. HPT manufactures and stocks tubing and fittings from 1/8" to 6", meeting any of our customers needs. With multiple levels of cleanliness available (mechanically, chemical and electropolishing), we can deliver what is needed when needed - for any application.

When our services are needed for cleaning copper for O2 service, the surfaces (O.D. &amap; I.D.) of all tubing and fittings will be cleaned to the CGA G4.1 specifications. After cleaning, all components are rinsed to remove any trace of hydrocarbon residue and particulate contamination. All surfaces are to retain a uniform finish. Tubing is purged with nitrogen or an oil free air source.

High Purity Copper
At HPT, all of our high purity copper surfaces (O.D. & I.D.) for tube and fittings are mechanically and /or chemically polished to remove tarnish, stains and discoloration. After chemical polishing, all components are rinsed in DI water for final cleaning to remove any trace of hydrocarbon residue and particulate contamination. All surfaces are cleaned to retain a uniform finish that resists re-tarnishing. Tubing is always purged with filltered nitrogen from our bulk nitrogen cryogenic source.

Our high purity copper is type ASTM B88, C 12200 hard drawn copper tube and fittings. This type of copper is in compliance with CGA G-4.1, for oxygen service; NFPA 99, medical gas systems; and high purity gas specication. Sizes available are 1/4" through 6", hard drawn tube and coils, and semi-hard copper.

High Purity Non-Metallic
At HPT, we have complete expertise in cleaning non-metallic fittings, tubing, pumps and components necessary for DI water service and other High Purity fluid distribution systems. Materials such as PVC, CPVC, PFA, PVDF, lined products, etc. are standard products cleaned.