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High Purity Technology-mechanical and electropolishing High Purity Technology-mechanical and electropolishing
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High Purity Piping Products and Cleaning Services

High Purity Technology Inc. can electropolish or mechanical polish standard metal piping and fittings to meet high purity regulations.

Stainless Steel Products High Purity Copper Products
Tube & Fitting Products-High Purity Technology The endless variety of High Purity applications for tubing and fittings require that we maintain the flexibility and variety of products. High Purity Copper-High Purity Technology All surface (O.D. & I.D.) of all tube and fittings are to be mechanically/chemically polished to remove tarnish, stains and discoloration.
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Cleaning & Polishing Services Custom Products/ Fabricated Specials
Cleaning & Electropolishing Services-High Purity Technology HPT cleans and electropolishes tubing, piping and fittings to meet ultra high purity requirements. Custom Products-High Purity Technology High Purity Technology will fabricate or manufacture fittings to meet your applications or engineering requirements.
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HPT sources standard pipe/tube items for polishing or will clean and/or polish customer supplied manufactured stainless steel and/or copper parts or assemblies, or we will fabricate the assemblies for customers based on their individual specs.
HPT provides cleaning services for plastic tube, fittings and valves for D/I water systems.