Since 1983, High Purity Technology has supplied Semiconductor OEM's and End users with tubing and fittings cleaned for ultra-high purity systems and related applications.

Located in the Hudson River Valley of New York, HPT has built its reputation as the leader in ultra-high purity products and services through experience, commitment to quality and a strong dedication to customer service and support.

A continuous process of research and development to meet the ever increasing ultra-high purity technology requirements has placed HPT in the forefront of advancement, resulting in a unique diversification of products and services. We pride ourselves on our versatility and customer satisfaction. With continuous facility improvements and the constant acquisition of state of the art testing and manufacturing equipment, HPT will continue our responsive services into the future.

As a member of the Neumo Ehrenberg Group, HPT is the primary distributor of the SCiMax® brand of UHP tubing and fittings throughout the Americas. Our extensive distribution network and stocking programs provides us the ability to meet your delivery requirements - keeping your projects on schedule.

The NEUMO Ehrenberg Group

The NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, a diversied multi-national organization headquartered in Germany, was founded by Senator Henry Ehrenberg in 1947.
The know-how, experience, and impressive track record of its companies, NEUMO, VNE and EGMO, have been garnered over four decades. Today, the Group is a leading manufacturer of worldwide stainless steel process fittings and components.
The group's worldwide distribution network supports major multinational accounts.