SCiMax - Ultra Purity With Guaranteed Ra

SCiMax Semiconductor Flow Equipment is specially designed to meet the stringent standards of the semiconductor industry, delivering maximum results.

Maximum Guaranteed Ra
Using unique polishing technology, EGMO guarantees the Ra on all internal surfaces, including bent areas where it is difficult to polish and measure.

Maximum Cleanability
The multi-step cleaning cycle (degreasing, pickling, and electropolishing) is conducted to ensure that products are cleaned with a perfect passivation layer. Final cleaning with ultra pure water is undertaken in a clean room.

Maximum Availability
State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and full marketing, distribution, and support in Europe, the USA, and Asia enables EGMO to supply semiconductor flow equipment of the highest quality standards to meet customer's demands.

Full Traceability
Each step of our production process is documented and recorded starting from raw materials through finished goods.